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Introducing Java type provider

A while ago I blogged about some development I was working on with IKVM and type providers. At the time the type provider only worked with primitive types. Recently I have had time to take this a bit further and … Continue reading

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Option Operators

We often have to represent the absence of data within a collection of values. In C# the default type to-go to is an Nullable, F# 3.0 introduced the Microsoft.FSharp.Linq.NullableOperators module to help with comparisons and arithmetic over this type. The … Continue reading

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F# IKVM Type Provider

After reading Sergey Tihon’s post about IKVM and the stanford parser. I thought I’d try and create a IKVM type provider. The first version can be found on my GitHub account here. The following code shows a simple sample on … Continue reading

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F# end to end

Introduction Recently my colleague @simontcousins published an article comparing to similar projects one written in C# one written in F#. The conclusion is that for the two projects the F# one is about 4% of the size.  You can read more about … Continue reading

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AppHarbour and Nuget and F#

While deploying an app to AppHarbour today (which I think is fantastic btw.) I came across some problems so I thought I’d document them. 1. Assembly References with using NuGet and assembly redirects to newer versions. Basically, I had drawn … Continue reading

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