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Type Providers, Record / Union Types and Constant Type unsupported

When writing type providers you are required to define code that will run at run-time with a quotation. This in itself is not a problem, however if you try and pass a none native type to the quotation you will … Continue reading

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Introducing Java type provider

A while ago I blogged about some development I was working on with IKVM and type providers. At the time the type provider only worked with primitive types. Recently I have had time to take this a bit further and … Continue reading

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F# Actor: An Actor Library

Wikipedia, defines an actor as – An actor is a computational entity that, in response to a message it receives, can concurrently: send a finite number of messages to other actors; create a finite number of new actors; designate the … Continue reading

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F# 3 and Raven DB

Ok so I have blogged about these to before. Previously, F# didn’t have brilliant support for Linq. F# Expressions couldn’t `easily` be converted to the Linq expression trees that the RavenDB API required. This caused somewhat of a mis-match between … Continue reading

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Option Operators

We often have to represent the absence of data within a collection of values. In C# the default type to-go to is an Nullable, F# 3.0 introduced the Microsoft.FSharp.Linq.NullableOperators module to help with comparisons and arithmetic over this type. The … Continue reading

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F# end to end

Introduction Recently my colleague @simontcousins published an article comparing to similar projects one written in C# one written in F#. The conclusion is that for the two projects the F# one is about 4% of the size.  You can read more about … Continue reading

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Downgrading with Nuget

Recently I had a problem where I had blindly (and stupidly) upgraded one of my packages across an entire solution. Only to find out the version was incompatible with some of my code. Instead of making the required changes to … Continue reading

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